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Incredible Broadband Deals!

With so many internet providers entering the market daily, the prices for high speed connections are falling fast. With so many ISPs to choose from, how do you decide which broadband supplier offers is right for you?

The “Unlimited Broadband” Myth

Many ISPs advertise “Unlimited Broadband” as their unique selling point. Even these so called “unlimited” download limits do have fair usage policies (usually not well advertised). If you use your broadband internet connection just to browse internet, check emails and do some shopping, you may not need a huge download limit. One of the common impacts of advertising these days is to make you believe that you need something which in fact, may not be true.

Compare Prices and Read Consumer Reviews!

Internet providers keep changing their offers. Always check the latest prices when you sign up. Better still, read what other people’s experiences are with the ISPs using broadband provider comparison sites.

Last, but not least, consider looking for a new deal every time you renew your contract. There is a good chance that you might find a better ISP than the one you’re using now!

Directory Contest - May The Best Directory Win!

Directorycontest - May the best Directory Win!
Mike Dammann has started a directory contest. It is simple: you will have to rank first in Google for keyword May the best directory win. Onsite optimization is not allowed in this contest. First prize is $2000. Visit for more info!

CHECK IT OUT! - Check this out!

OK. Here’s your homework for tonight. LOL. You can do this at school or home. Turn on your computer, open your browser and go to: is a well-organized, and attractive web directory! I recently spoke with the owner and creator and he tells me that > The EntireURL Directory is a general directory built by the people and for the people. The EntireURL team has created the ultimate general directory that is both search engine friendly as well as people friendly.

I’ve seen a lot of directories, I’ve used a lot of directories. This is a very worthwhile visit. Search or submit your website for inclusion!

Cool Directory - Cool Name!

I’ve seen many directories over the years, some good, some not-so-great. definitely falls into the GOOD (VERY GOOD!) category. Whether you are searching, or submitting, you really should take a look at the Dollar Tree Directory.

And since we know that many webmasters are also students in college or university who are constantly looking for high quality web directories, this is one to visit!

On the web: Dollar Tree Directory

Education & Career Yellow Pages

Are you looking for any education or career resource near your city or town? Then PPotter has brought a big and intensive yellow pages directory for your education and career resources. They have separate sections for employment agencies, schools , language schools, sales training institutions and career counseling. You can find all career related business establishments in your area quickly with their well planned directory structure.

Students: Stop Paying Bank Fees!

I have been meaning to write about this for awhile now, and since we seem to talking “student finance” lately, here it goes:

University and college students know as well, or better than anyone that sometimes “every penny counts” when trying to balance a budget, pay tuition, LIVE, party and generally “get by.”

ENTER: President’s Choice Financial Banking. A leading (if not, THE LEADING) no fee bank in Canada. Seriously, stop paying service fees to do your everyday banking! Get off your butt (LOL), and pick up the phone, or drop into a Loblaws, Zehrs or Superstore, and sign up.

Sure, it’s going to take 5 or 10 minutes, but we’re talking NO MORE BANK FEES - PERIOD. So, instead of paying $5, $10, $15 or more every month for using your own money, you pay ZERO, and even get interest on your balance monthly.

Over a lifetime school year, that can really add up!

Note: Like everything else on my blog, this is based on my personal experience, and is my personal opinion. (D*mn lawyers). LOL

On the web:

Map 100 Site Directory

Keep an eye on this directory! I found this new directory site today and it’s looking great. is a directory with over 300 (surely thats a lot!) categories, very well classified and extremely organized.

On top of that, the site has a unique design, unlike all the directories out there using designs that dozens of other directories use.

The site seems to be doing heavy promotion as well, so expect to hear more from it in the future. I really like the directory and its slogan. - “Mapping users to the best sites.”

Loans, Loans, Loans!

I was searching around for information on student loans the other day, and happened upon a loan resource website I just have to tell you about.

It’s called the

Their main “target market” is clearly Europe and the UK, however, the loan information you will find on this site is useful for just about anyone, no matter where you live!

The UK Personal Loan Store has information on home loans, car loans, bad credit loans, personal loans, wedding loans, secured loans and more! If you’re looking for the ultimate loan information website - this is it! Check it out!

Student Credit Card Offers!

I’m always on the lookout for “good deals for students!” Sometimes that means seeking out top internship opportunities, sometimes it means finding information on student loans or graduate jobs, and sometimes it means locating student finance and credit information.

Well, check this out > - is a huge credit card resource! CardGuide is well laid-out and easy to navigate, and contains information on some of the best credit card offers on the planet! From “big brand” cards to student credit cards; even credit card offers for those whose credit is a little “challenged” at the moment - it’s all here.

Doing a little research on the various credit card offers available to you while in college or university might be the most important research you do this semester! ;) is a recommended credit card portal! Check it out.

Earn your RN degree online!

Qualified registered nurses (RN) are in short supply across North America. Advanced education and training as a RN can mean higher pay and more diversified career opportunities than a traditional LPN.

Enter: a tremendous resource for students, LPNs and anyone interested in a career in nursing, especially as a RN! Learn and train online, stay at your current job, no need to move, and learn at a pace that suits YOU!

The first step towards moving from (licensed practical nurse to registered nurseLPN to RN is visiting this website >

Start earning your nursing degree online today!


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