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Business Student Internship

What might a business student internship opportunity look like? Just so happens I found one the other day. It’s with the CBDC (Community Business Development Corporation). It’s for the Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada area. Knowing it will expire soon (and you may read this after it’s too late), I thought I would highlight some of the skills a “typical business internship” opportunity like this requires.

  • A post secondary degree in Business Administration, Accounting or other related field.
  • Experience in dealing with the public.
  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Bilingualism would be considered an asset.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and access to a reliable vehicle.
  • Excellent relationship building skills.
  • The capability to thrive in a team environment.

Sounds like many business students I know! Go for it. Opportunities like this are excellent “stepping stones” for a budding career in business or government.

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Co-op & Internship Opportunities with the PSC

If you’re interested in co-op job opportunities and/or student internships with the Public Service of Canada, you need to check out their website. Let’s be honest, an internship with the federal government of Canada looks pretty good on a resume!

PSC Website

“The Public Service of Canada continues to be the nation’s largest single employer of students enrolled in Co-operative education (Co-op) and internship programs. Since 1990, the federal government has employed over 3,000 students each year under these programs.” (Source: PSC / Government of Canada. All rights reserved)

Don’t wait to contact the PSC!

Awesome Internship Website! Canada

Here is a website loaded with information on internships for Canadian high school, college and university students >

Take a look, and tell them sent you!

Canadian Internship Opportunities & More!

If you are looking for Canadian internship information, you’ve come to the right place. I will do my best to update this blog frequently with the latest and most interesting internship opportunities throughout Canada, and when possible, the United States and even international co-op opportunities.

I’m just getting started, but my hope is that this blog will assist high school and college & university students seeking internships next semester, or even next summer.

I will be researching a variety of internship jobs including, but not limited to: business, finance, accounting, science, law, nursing and more! I will even post some “dos and don’ts,” resume and interview tips, and occasional helpful articles.

We’re Back!

Well, I experienced a minor technical “glitch” during the past few days. I LOST EVERYTHING! MY WHOLE BLOG. I changed web hosts and didn’t have a clue what a “database dump” was - still don’t. LOL. Needless to say, I didn’t do one.

Anyway, I am re-creating (re-posting) all of the posts. Google gets the credit here - gotta love their “cache” feature. Thank you Google. It’s going to take me a few days, but I do promise will be back and better than ever!

Canada’s leading internship and student co-op job opportunity blog! College and university students, and grads are welcome to post comments at any time! Know of an internship opportunity, let us know! Or maybe, a co-op job opportunity, let us know!

Stay tuned!

Also, a big thank you to DSHAH at - what a life saver!

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