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Check this out > a user-friendly web directory, with an education section (and a very cool logo!) ;)

It’s a Fabulous Links Web Directory in my humble opinion. F1L has a Literacy Statistics section.

And of course, at the end of the day (i.e. when you graduate!) you will need a job. Be sure to take a look at their Job and Employment Resources section. F1L is growing, and it looks like it’s going to be a valuable online resource. Educators, and students alike will want to keep an eye on the EDUCATION sections of F1L. Bookmark today.

How did you get here?

From time to time, I like to review my stats to see exactly what it is that “searchers” are searching for, and finding on Here are the most recent internship-related search terms from the “big 3” search engines!

- Canada Internship
- Public Relations Internships
- Canadian Internship Offers
- Nursing Internship
- Internship in Ontario Canada

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Got a job yet?

We are well into March, and the “keeners” out there already have summer internship jobs lined-up! Congrats.

Some of you will be nursing; some will be teaching; and still more will be working in finance, banking, sales and marketing.

DON’T WAIT! Get in to see your campus “job co-ordinator” now. Check the job board, and keep checking the various high quality online job websites.

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The Great Canadian Internship Opportunity!

Do not prejudge this one. has a track record in Canada. With several thousand employees across the country - including a thousand or so in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia alone, Staples is here to stay. IMHO.

Staples has just kicked it up a notch for students in Canada. They now offer internship and co-op job opportunities at various locations across Canada. Looking for a great summer job? Take a look at STAPLES!

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Universities & Colleges in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, Canada has more post-secondary institutions per capita than any other province in Canada! Among them, some of the best of the best in the country. So, if you’re considering university or college, consider coming to Nova Scotia. There are plenty of internship opportunities just waiting.

Nova Scotia University & College Websites:

And, if you’re in the area, stop in Lower Sackville for a bite to eat or a movie. (HINT: Kaiser’s Sub Shop is amazing!)

Internship - In the Entertainment Industry!

Lights, Camera, Action!

All students interested in a “once in a lifetime” work / study opportunity - take a look here >

NOTE: Entertainment Industry Internship Opportunity - February 2007.


Summer Job @ Bell Canada?

Hard to beat this kind of opportunity!

Don’t wait, apply now.

Class dismissed. :-)

On the web:

International Internship Opportunities

Looking for an international internship work/study opportunity? You really should check out Niagara College (Welland, Ontario, Canada).

You don’t need to be a graduate of Niagara College to participate. Typical requirements for an international internship include: 1) university or college graduate 2) between the ages of 18 and 30 3) be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and 4) be unemployed or under-employed. See the Niagara College website for specific details.

An international student internship opportunity is often a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. The personal, professional and social growth associated with working internationally cannot be overstated. Go for it!

On the web:

Personal Debt Management Strategies

Financial Fact of the Day: Debt is a part of life.

It’s virtually impossible to find anyone today who doesn’t have, or at one time didn’t have, some financial debt. Unfortunately, it’s also true that being in debt can be a very lonely and troubling experience, and that many of us don’t like to discuss our debt for fear of the social stigma attached to it.

Enter: > The Debt Help Forum. A great place to learn about, and discuss personal debt, including debt management strategies, “how to get out of debt” and much more! It’s free to join, and is a “must see” debt discussion forum.

Make sure you visit and bookmark the personal debt blog section of the forum! It contains many real and personal insights into the realties of personal and financial debt.

Smart Money Management

Are you thinking about transferring your current high interest credit card debt to a low fee, or no fee credit card? Not sure where to start? Start here > Balance Transfer. features a huge list of zero fee balance transfer credit cards.

Stop paying high interest rates just because you carry a monthly balance on your credit card. Transfer your current credit card balance today! You’ll be glad you switched to a 0% credit card.

Not quite sure? Ask yourself this: Is my monthly payment barely paying the interest on my bill? Answer: You’re a perfect candidate! Get a zero fee credit card today – and don’t pay a dime to transfer your current balance. Now, that’s smart money management!

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