Student Jobs @ IBM


I admit it… an internship job or summer job at GOOGLE (see below) would be very cool. But let’s be honest, working for IBM as an intern is also hard to beat! I mean, IBM, let’s face it; outstanding training, excellent learning opportunity and looks awesome on your resume.

Here’s where to find out more >

There’s no time like the present.

The Ultimate Internship Opportunity!

I’ll keep this short and sweet:

How about an internship job at: GOOGLE INC. Yeah… GOOGLE!

Well, you never know unless you apply. HINT: You should be SMART. LOL

Here’s the link:

Good Luck! And, please come back and let us know if you land a job at Google.

Contextual Link Advertising - V7N

Here’s one for your Internet marketing and economics classes!


Why contextual link ads, and why V7N Contextual? It’s simple:

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Get a no fee credit card - final grade A+ ;-)

Here’s a quick financial lesson for ALL STUDENTS!

It seems everyone has one. It seems we can’t use them fast enough at times. It seems when there is financial difficulty “in the air,” credit cards and credit card debt aren’t too far away! Abusing credit may very well be the second oldest profession in the world, right after… well, you know. Why not start off on the right foot – at least get a credit card with no annual fee attached to it! In today’s credit environment, there are simply very few reaons why anyone needs a credit card with an annual fee. For a list of no fee credit cards for Canadians, visit right now!

Be smart. Stay in school, and get yourself a credit card with NO ANNUAL FEE! Class dismissed.


Student Internship Tip - January 16, 2007

Well, it’s January and your competitors are already sending out resumes and making phone calls to employers! Now is the time to start looking for a spring or summer internship opportunity. If you wait until June, it’s simply too late! START YOUR JOB HUNT TODAY!

Have You Gone Wireless Yet?

Cheap wireless broadband internet has made life much easier for computer users. At home or “on the road,” once you are used to wireless, you may not want to use wires – ever again! Are there problems with wireless connections?

The way we use broadband internet is changing. With the popularity of image and file sharing websites, it is hard to live with a dial-up internet connection. Even if you live in a rural area, there are ways of getting cheap broadband internet. Many ISPs companies offer facilities for you to connect via mobile phones and you can even get broadband via satellite.

The prices of wireless broadband modems are coming down and you can pick up a decent router for under $50 from most shops. There are some cheap broadband deals which offer a free modem when you sign a contract.

But is this all good news? Well, maybe. The main problem with wireless connections compared to a wired broadband network is security. If you do not set up the security carefully, then other people can easily use your connection. So you need to make sure that the connection is encrypted. It’s not as hard as it sounds and most routers and ISP modems come with instructions. Your broadband provider will also be able to guide you on this if you require assistance.

One of the common mistakes people make when they go wireless is to buy the cheapest equipment available without doing research. It is always worth reading broadband reviews and guides on wireless equipment before you buy.

How To Find Online Discount Vouchers!

You may have noticed when you make purchases online, there is a box for a promotion or a voucher code. Most shops and services have them as competition is getting stiffer and shoppers are getting smarter in finding the best price. Whenever you want to buy something online, it is probably worth checking if you can get some money off the price by using a discount voucher for that store. So how do you find discount voucher codes?

You can find these codes on freebie sites or other internet shopping forums. There are many of these sites online; you just have to search for them. After checking the expiry dates, try it and apply it! Sometimes some vouchers may not work and you may need to try again.

You need to make sure when you put these discount voucher codes in the check out that there is an “update price” or a similar button so it applies the discount to your purchase.

If you are a regular online shopper, you can join one of the established free stuff sites where you can find the latest coupon codes and other freebies!

Is Online Shopping Getting More Popular?

With the rapid growth of online shopping, it makes you wonder whether there will be a time when you may never have to leave home to do your shopping. But there are still people who want to go out to shop. Let us look at the advantages of online shopping here to see which is best for what type of product.

Shopping online can be cheaper for many products. Online retailers can often offer products at a much lower price due to the fact that they have lower overheads. On the other hand, some brick and mortar shops may have in-store offers and clearance deals which you can avail if you visit the shops. You may even be able to get cashback on your online shopping without paying any extra money using a loyalty shopping website.

With thousands of shops to compare prices, it can be very time consuming if you try and visit each and every shop. On the other hand, if you use an online price comparison website, you can compare prices in an instant and find the best deal!

One benefit of brick and mortar shopping is the face-to-face interaction with a human being. You can always take it back to the shop if something goes wrong. However, most reliable online stores also have a no quibble exchange policy.

Incredible Broadband Deals!

With so many internet providers entering the market daily, the prices for high speed connections are falling fast. With so many ISPs to choose from, how do you decide which broadband supplier offers is right for you?

The “Unlimited Broadband” Myth

Many ISPs advertise “Unlimited Broadband” as their unique selling point. Even these so called “unlimited” download limits do have fair usage policies (usually not well advertised). If you use your broadband internet connection just to browse internet, check emails and do some shopping, you may not need a huge download limit. One of the common impacts of advertising these days is to make you believe that you need something which in fact, may not be true.

Compare Prices and Read Consumer Reviews!

Internet providers keep changing their offers. Always check the latest prices when you sign up. Better still, read what other people’s experiences are with the ISPs using broadband provider comparison sites.

Last, but not least, consider looking for a new deal every time you renew your contract. There is a good chance that you might find a better ISP than the one you’re using now!

National Bank of Canada Summer Job Program

The National Bank of Canada supports students with physical and sensory disabilities via it’s summer job and bursary program. According to the bank: “The program was established to provide financial support to students with physical or sensory disabilities while allowing them to continue their studies and obtain work experience related to their field of study.”

The internship opportunity include a 12-week paid summer job! For more information, visit the National Bank website at > NBC.CA

Source: National Bank of Canada -

January 2007

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